Three Steps To Start Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Apartments

Decorating a bathroom is really important to get an attractive, spacious, and clean room. We should smart to utilizing every room corner to get a dream bathroom. Living in an apartment should follow rules and regulations, some landlords give restrictions to change room design in apartments, including bathrooms.

Don’t worry! We can apply bathroom decorating ideas for apartments below to bring a room that suits your taste and personality, namely:

1. Changing paint on the walls is one of bathroom decorating ideas on a budget which becomes the most effective and inexpensive. Typically, apartments have a small bathroom, so we have to choose a color to open the room and far away from cramped nuance. Light colors could be a perfect answer.

2. Decorate your bathroom with favorite themes. There are many themes we can apply, choose the one able to bring comfort and pleasure. The bathroom is a place to freshen up and choose a theme which able to bring freshness, both physically and mentally.

3. Don’t forget to put storage to keep the bathroom stay neat and clean. There is storage furniture with a beautiful design and catchy, it can beautify the bathroom appearance.

Besides the three steps above, accessories become an important attribute to give beauty but don’t lay it carelessly without regard to its purpose. It should become an important note! Bathroom decorating ideas for apartments able to bring big changes without violating landlord rules.

Components of the Drain Water Vent System

The water drain consists of different components. Each connects to the other up to the main sewer. It helps to know the various parts and where they are so that in case of leakage, one can quickly fix it before the situation deteriorates. Besides, with a clear understanding of the water drain components, it is easier to clarify the issue if you need help from a call-all-day plumber. Some of the water drain components in a home are highlighted below.

The Fixture Drain

This is the part of the water drain that is more easily recognized and widely known. It is the visible part of the sink, shower, or bath tap that water drains into. The fixture is usually fitted with a stopper or plug. It’s the starting point of water drainage from the house to the sewer.

The fixture rarely has drain problems unless for the occasional leak that might be caused by the washer.


From the sink area, the fixture drain leads top-trap. The p-shaped trap is installed below a sink, washing machine, or bathtub to hold the still water. It acts as a barrier between the home and sewer systems. The p-trap prevents the leakage of sewer gas from entering the home. It also traps foreign elements, preventing them from blocking the drainage system.

Anytime there’s an unpleasant sewer-like smell in the home, could be the standing water has evaporated, emitting the foul smell. The odor could also be an indicator of P-trap leak or rot, in which case one needs to call all day plumber.

The House Sewer Trap

The house sewer trap is the drainage system that’s often found outside the house. It has a house side cleanout and the outside cleanout. On either side, the house sewer trap has caps. When these caps loosely fit, it emits a foul odor, and the dirty water can leak into the home. Its belly traps objects that enter the drainage system.

When a house sewer trap is in distress, it must be traced and resolved before the situation worsens. To trace the trap, trace the fresh air inlet pipe. Typically, it’s on the front wall of your house. Behind it is the house sewer trap, which is usually U-shaped.

Toilet Trap

Toilets are built with traps to prevent sewer gas from getting into the home. The curved drain traps hold water and the dirt and drain the waste into the sewer tank.

Clothes Washer StandPipe

The water drain system that serves the clothes washer is often hidden behind the finished walls, except the standpipe. The standpipe is where the cloth washer drains water immediately after a wash. The water is then directed to the curved drain and further flows to the branch drain and finally to the main drain. The standpipe might be of galvanized iron or otherwise. Whichever the plumbing material, it is essential to be vigilant and ensure it’s in the best condition.

Sewer Access Pit

This is the part of the water drainage that is often overlooked. It’s airtight, easy to access, and people can walk over it. It is vital to ensure the sewer pit is not in disrepair to avoid cases of someone falling into the pit, water spillage, or foul odor. The sewer access pit often requires repair and cleaning.


Pitch is an essential component of water drainage. It refers to the angel that water flows in relation to gravity. The water drainage pipes in the home are built with the pitch in mind to ensure the water is drained effectively from the home to the sewer. The plumbing installation process involves dropping the pipes a quarter-inch per foot to ensure proper drainage. That’s why it is important to call an all-day plumber for standardized water pipes installation or repair. The right plumbing helps prevent water drainage issues.

Differences Between Resurfacing, Replastering, and Remodeling Pool

Pool maintenance can sometimes get complicated, especially when the surface of the pool is at play. Different problems require different surfacing solutions. Depending on the needs of your pool you may find resurfacing, replastering, or remodeling is in order. But what’s the difference between the three? Let’s find out.

What Does Resurfacing a Pool Mean?

Resurfacing refers only to the pool deck. Resurfacing addresses most issues involving the appearance of the deck, as well as minor damages, such as cracks and scales, on the deck’s surface. Resurfacing is usually performed every couple of years.

Resurfacing a deck may be as simple as pressure washing it, laying down sealant, letting the sealant dry, pressure washing it again, and then laying down a second coat of sealant. This process usually takes a couple of hours. Pool deck resurfacing is primarily cosmetic, though it may improve some minor functionality issues as well.

Resurfacing should be a relatively inexpensive option, and one you can do yourself if you’re up to the task.

What Does Replastering a Pool Mean?

Replastering is also chiefly a cosmetic change, applied to the walls of the pool every 7 to 12 years. Replastering involves draining the pool completely and applying fresh plaster to the pool walls. This process usually takes four to six hours.

To check if your pool needs to be replastered, inspect your pool walls. If they’re discolored, then they run the risk of algae and other harmful substances growing on them, which will make the pool unsafe to swim in.

Replastering is much more complex than resurfacing, and requires more work. It can be done yourself, but it is not as easy to do as resurfacing.

What Does Remodeling a Pool Mean?

Remodeling a pool is much different than pool resurfacing or replastering. Materials and components are replaced and added in a remodel. It can involve resurfacing and replastering, but they aren’t always included in a remodel… or need to be.

Remodeling a pool is nearly impossible to do on your own without a helping hand. In fact, completely remodeling a pool can be virtually the same as replacing it.

How Do I Choose Between Resurfacing, Replastering or Remodeling a Pool?

Resurfacing a deck is only needed if you’re looking for a cosmetic lift. Or, minor safety issues on the deck can and should be mitigated with resurfacing.

Replastering would be necessary when the pool itself is discolored. Replastering is also a cosmetic change, but it is much more critical than resurfacing the pool deck in that the discolored walls can be signs of repeated algae growth.

Reasons for remodeling a pool are just as numerous as there are reasons for having a pool in the first place. Some own a pool for their own enjoyment, and some use them more for social occasions. The style and appearance of someone’s pool may be as important to them as the style and appearance of their home.

Field Trips

Details for each field trip will be provided at the Parent Meetings.

Please feel free to circulate this information to your friends and invite them to the Park Meetings!

Looking forward to a fun year ahead!


Field Trips

CHS Field Trips 2019-2020

Sept: Palm Beach Zoo and Animal Hospital
Oct: Canine Assisted Therapy
Nov: Apple store
Dec: NuVista Living Center Visit
Feb: Wakodahatchee Wetland Tour
Mar: Uptown Art Class
Apr: Museum of Science and Discovery
May: CHS Pool Party

Recommended Business

* Indicates a CHS member owned business.


(Installation of car stereos, alarms, key-less entry, ipads, speakers, amps, tv’s, video games and much more)
Located near 45th St and Australian Blvd
Ph- 561-602-9193

Food Services

*Stacey’s Incredible Edibles

(Gourmet Chocolates, caramel apples, salsa & tapenades & more)

Ph- 792-2813

*Tami’s Tasti Treats

(Cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, pies, breads and more)
Ph- 561-784-5450

Home Parties/Classes

*Coupon Divaz

 (Learn how to save money through couponing.  Home shows, seminars and classes at Seminole Ridge High School. Fashionable coupon organizers available.)
Ph- 634-6625 Kris
      792-2813 Stacey
Recommended Business

*Mom’s Gold Party

(Sell your old, broken, ugly gold. Private, discrete and fun.  Pays a 5% referral fee .)
Ph- 561-281-8599

My Thirty-One

(Purses and organizers- Company is faith based- founded on Proverbs 31.
Ph- 324-8904

Home Repair/Maintenance

*Coupe & Associates

Lawn and Landscape

*Coupe’s Water Service

Monthly maintenance on your water system, bespoke carpentry, repairs and installs systems. In business almost 10 years.
Ph- 644-7575 Mike
Just tell him we are in the same home school group and he will come out to check your system free of charge.
*Willson T Contracting, Inc.

Ph- 954-275-5796

Palm Beach Premier Remolding

Kitchen Remodeling Company
Lake Worth, FL 33460
Ph- 561-264-5627

Private Lessons

Guitar/Piano Lessons

Lorraine Mynahan
Ph- 385-0338

Other Services


 Located in Coral Springs.  Offers 20% off to all teachers (homeschool mamas too!), police and firefighters.  Permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, hair follicle stimulation, facials and so much more.
Ph- 954-757-0305

Becoming a Member

Who Can Join CHS?

Parents or guardians who are currently homeschooling their children or intend to homeschool their children are eligible to join CHS.

Benefits of Joining

  • Support and encouragement
  • Prayer support
  • Family care
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Website
  • Group e-mail list membership
  • Parent meetings [monthly during school year]
  • Resource Library
  • FPEA Membership at discounted group rate in addition to CHS fees
  • Special Events
  • Monthly Field Trips
  • Moms’ Night Out
  • Summer Beach Days
  • Official membership card that can be used to apply for educator discounts at places that offer them [example: Barnes & Noble, JoAnn’s, Michaels, etc.]

Becoming a Member

How Can You Join?

To join CHS you need to contact the president. You can send an email and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

Monthly Memory Verse

Every month we have an opportunity for the kids to win a prize from the prize box by learning a simple memory verse. The kids love the opportunity to pick out a treat while learning God’s truths.

You are encouraged to teach your kids a new verse every month for them to recite and earn a prize.

Our Purpose

CHS Mission Statement

Christian Homeschool Support of the Western communities has been established to provide support, encouragement, social opportunities, and information related to home education for its members.  The CHS organization and all of its activities and publications will consistently and forthrightly honor the Lord God.  We have come together to help one another as we pursue our goal of teaching our children’s hearts and minds at home.

Our Purpose

CHS Objectives

  • Honor the Lord God through all activities and publications of the group.
  • Offer support and encouragement to veteran homeschoolers, new homeschoolers, and those parents thinking of homeschooling their children.
  • Offer prayer support to member families.
  • Promote an atmosphere in which members share ideas, suggestions and personal experiences about  homeschooling with each other.
  • Provided opportunities for adults and children to form relationships with fellow members.
  • Provide support to member families in need.
  • Encourage parents to explore opportunities such as field trips and other events that enrich member  families homeschool experience. Opportunities offered will vary depending upon member volunteer commitments.
  • Motivate members to serve each other by volunteering to work for the group.

Welcome to CHS

This group is dedicated to the Christian Homeschool Support of the Western Communities in Palm Beach County, FL. This group primarily serves residents of Loxahatchee, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington and Palm Beach Gardens, but all are welcome to join. We are here to provide support, fellowship & encouragement to one another.

CHS offers monthly Parent/Park meetings, Field Trips, Sub-Groups which can include: Little Lead (0-6 years), Faith Girlz (girls only 6-14), Boys’ Group (boys only 7-13), Middle School/ High School (12-17), Mom’s Night Out!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! Our first meeting of the new school year is quickly approaching and we have some great things planned! We are meeting Friday September 4th at 10:00am. Please contact us for location information.